Flange Brakes for M14/19 Series Cars

The patterns are done! We’ve had requests to manufacture flange brake assemblies for M/MT-14/19 Series cars. These are not common in New England where I typically run. However according to customers they are more common in the northern Midwest and northwestern states. All the wood blocks are cut and ready for final finishing with sparContinue reading “Flange Brakes for M14/19 Series Cars”

A Car Assemblies – Out of Stock

So we’ve had somewhat of a run on A Car assemblies lately. We had an inventory that would typically last 3-4 months become depleted in three weeks. As of today we have 12 liners and two blocks in stock. Blocks are only about two weeks away. However, the cast liners are still around nine weeksContinue reading “A Car Assemblies – Out of Stock”

Fairmont M9 Flange Brakes are here!

It’s been a while in the making but the day has finally arrived. We suffered a few setbacks with casting schedules. We’ve made the needed templates and jigs. We have produced the labor intensive special wooden blocks. With some help from fellow motorcar enthusiasts and friends we started building assemblies this week. It’s a goodContinue reading “Fairmont M9 Flange Brakes are here!”