Improve Your M9 Braking

We have reproduced the extended offset liners for Fairmont M9 standard tread style brakes. These have not been produced by Fairmont/Harsco for many years and the supply of NOS liners have dried up. We have complete assemblies in stock and ready to ship. We also sell individual cast liners and blocks. See our Products pageContinue reading “Improve Your M9 Braking”

Fairmont M9 Standard Assemblies

Brake assemblies for Fairmont M9 cars are ready for sale. These are the hard to locate offset extended style liners. We are aware that many M9’s have flange brakes. We have completed the patterns for those cast liners and will offer them soon. However for those owners who have “standard” tread style brake shoes, youContinue reading “Fairmont M9 Standard Assemblies”

Fairmont M Series Brake Blocks

We have started to put a dent in the freshly milled oak brake blocks for the Fairmont M Series cars. These are specifically the M19 and MT-19 and the M14 and MT14 model cars. Cold winter days are a great time to spend drilling square holes on the drill press out in the shop. EachContinue reading “Fairmont M Series Brake Blocks”