Welcome to ThunderHill Services

We have been enjoying this hobby for 20 years. So it was no accident that we decided to do more than just ride the rails. We wanted to do something to grow and ensure the longevity of this pastime. So when an opportunity presented itself to make brake components for our motorcars we jumped at the chance.

We do our best to provide quality parts for the railroad motorcar community.

For our premium brake assemblies we start with #1 clear kiln dried native oak from Northern New England. This is purchased in rough cut form from local hardwood dealers. It is then carefully planned, cut and milled into our brake blocks. We then inspect each piece for defects before applying multiple coats of marine grade spar urethane.

Our brake liners are also cast in New England at a local foundry. We conducted metallurgical tests on original Fairmont brake liners to ensure we had the correct hardness-to-wear ratio. This allows maximum braking ability with minimal wheel wear. This is important as brakes are much less expensive than new pressed steel wheels from Harsco. The rails will wear out your wheels far ahead of any perceptible wear from braking with our liners.

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