The War Comes to Motorcars

So I have learned recently that the supply chain for cast iron is affected by the war in the Ukraine. It seems that the Ukraine is a major supplier of pig iron to the US and Canada. Pig iron is a major component of the more refined cast iron that we use to make brake liners for the motorcar hobby. So the affect is many fold for our concerns. Many related costs are up and production has been delayed. Now with higher diesel fuel costs it all seems to add up to a bucket full of tears for us here at ThunderHill.

Our next casting was for our A-3/4/5 Series cars along with the introduction of our new flange brake assemblies for M/MT-14/19 Series cars. I will keep you all informed as the production goes forward. I have only one set of A-3/4/5 cast liners left on the shelf. It appears that any new castings will likely be delayed another 6-8 weeks.

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