M9 Flange Brakes are on the way

The castings for Fairmont M9 Flange brakes hit the foundry floor on 30 April. It’s an exciting time for us to bring a new product to our line. The unique long and thin flange brake blocks have been done for a few months now. We will have M9 Flange Assemblies ready to ship by the second week of May.

3 thoughts on “M9 Flange Brakes are on the way

      1. Apologies Lou but there were further delays in the production run at the foundry so we could not hit our April dates. The good news just received is that the liners were cast on Wednesday 16 June. The liners should be ready for pickup by the week of 28 June. This means Fairmont M9 flange assemblies could be ready to ship the first week of July.


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